How to Get Rid of Tuckshop Arms - 25/11/2010

The weather is warming up and we’re starting to peel off the warm winter clothing layers, but some women would prefer to stay covered up forever.

If you’re embarrassed about your Tuckshop arms, there is no need because an exercise program that concentrates on your upper arms will have you flexing those toned muscles in time for spring.

Tuckshop arms, or Grandma arms, are those flabby wing-like flaps of skin that hang from the upper arm. This is something women dread developing, especially older women as their skin loses elasticity, but it is not a foregone conclusion. There are several simple exercises you can use to maintain taut arms, making showing off a bit of skin in the spring sun a pleasure. 

Where do Tuckshop arms come from?

The reason we develop Tuckshop arms is due to lack of resistance training for upper arms and, in particular, the tricep muscle (which is located at the back of your upper arm). Triceps are often the forgotten muscle because women are usually more preoccupied with toning their tummies and bottoms.

Older women develop flabby upper arms when there is a lack of resistance training, but also due to gravity. Tuckshop arms can also occur in people carrying extra weight. 

How to combat Tuckshop arms

Here are some exercises that will help tone your upper arms: 

  • Tone up your triceps with isolation exercises, such as tricep dips, tricep kick backs, overhead tricep extensions and shoulder presses 
  • Wide-grip push ups can also help tone triceps, even though this exercise is designed to work the pectoral muscles (hidden under our breasts), however if you move your hands closer together you will feel the ‘burn’ more in your triceps.

If you are carrying extra body fat you may not notice your toned triceps as soon as you would like, so it would be worth combining a cardio-style exercise program and interval training (bouts of high intensity exercise alternated with aerobic exercise) to really burn kilojoules. Make sure you complete a well-rounded resistance exercise program involving all major muscles groups to help shift that extra body fat.

For those fortunate enough not have Tuckshop arms yet, add tricep exercises to your program to keep your upper arms toned so they look their best when you celebrate the arrival of spring.

If you are looking for some advice and guidance on how to rid yourself of your tuckshop arms, why not give the 'girls' at Merendi Health & Wellness a call on 1300 881 536. They are keen to show you simple ways to tone your flabby arms.

Written by - Merendi Leverett, Accredited Exercise Physiologist/Lifestyle Management Consultant

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